Inspection & Certification Of Agricultural Machinery

Inspection and Certification of Agricultural Machinery

The Department is a member of the European Network for Testing of Agricultural Machines

The Department of Agricultural Engineering provides a series of specialized tests and corresponding certification on agricultural machinery and materials, either imported or manufactured in Greece, according to international, European, and national standards (ISO, EN, DIN, ELOT, AFNOR, ASAE, UNI), E.U. directives and technical specifications, aiming to improve product quality, reduce production costs, evaluate optimal operation, control adverse environmental impacts, and provide consulting to individual farmers, unions and public organizations. In addition, the Department's specialized laboratory, which constitutes the national "Reference Laboratory of Inspections", inspects and provides appropriate certifications to mobile or stationary "Pesticide Application Equipment Inspection Stations" (PAEIS) throughout Greece, to be allowed to perform regular inspections to pesticide application equipment (PAE) (sprayers for bush and tree crops, and boom sprayers) in use in their area.


The Reference Laboratory of Inspections is responsible for:

  • Defining specific instructions in the form of a "PAE inspection manual", to be used for performing the inspections

  • Assigning a unique registration number to each PAEIS authorized to perform inspections and maintaining a national PAEIS registry

  • Performing an initial audit of PAEISs and issuing of practice proof to grant authorization

  • Evaluating the operational and quality characteristics of PAE inspections, by performing regular inspections in all registered PAEIS

  • Proposing the retraction of authorization for non-complying PAEISs, and informing the Ministry of Agriculture for the imposition of corresponding sanctions.

Overall, the main inspection tests on agricultural equipment and machinery performed by the Department include the following:

Agricultural Sprayer tests

  • All tests included in EN ISO 16119 and ENTAM technical instructions (*)

Hydraulic tests
  • Crop protection machines (air assisted, towed or mounted sprayers, low crop sprayers)

  • Pumps (axial, centrifugal, submersible)

  • Thermoplastic pipes (PVC, PE), quick coupling steel pipes

  • Emitters and emitting pipes

  • Water meters, filters

  • Air - vessels

  • Sprayers, sprinklers, rain-guns, reel machines

  • Valves, air-vents

  • Pipe fittings, equipment for irrigation piping system

Tractor testsdokimespedioy

The following tests are carried out according to OECD official testing codes for agricultural tractors, as well as E.U. directives:

  • Power take off (P.T.O.) tests

  • Engine tests

  • Tests for the determination of noise and vibrations level

  • Tests for tractor protective structures (static test, codes 4, 6, 7) (**)

  • Moment of inertia (**)

  • Draw-bar power tests (maximum draw-bar power 170 hp) (**)

Field tests

Various tests are carried out in open field, especially for:

  • Tillage machinery such as:

    • ​plows

    • rotary tillers

    • disc harrows

    • cultivators

    • smoothers

    • fertilizer distributors

    • seeding machines

    • grain drills etc

  • ​Machinery for stockbreeding plants and establishments

  • Reel machines - Field tests

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